Resume formats

I wish I had just built my resume from scratch in xhtml. Instead I attempted to build a nice openoffice template. For print and for exporting to pdf this was fine. Even exporting to doc format worked adequately because the formatting only really involved simple tables.

It was not until I started applying to various organizations, each with their own online process, that I realized simple text/html would be the most flexible solution. Documents are usually just scanned for keywords/text anyhow. It also made more sense for integrating with the web. Funny how it occurred to me after I had spent the time 😉 (I had planned an xhtml version down the road but should have started with it.)

Either out of laziness or experimentation I exported my opendocument to html. At first glance all seemed to render well. I decided the sooner I had something up the better so I posted it. Then I looked closer at the code. I’ve feared auto-generated html for some time and this reminded me why. Some of the extra cruft might just have been for openoffice but I wanted a clean xhtml copy. The stuff to fiddle with never ends. I need a job. I’m bright and hard working.

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