There is so much to share.

For now it remains stuck in my head.  This seems hardly fair.  What should I do? I have everything but the right words at the right time.

Another day to dwell in distractions:

  • WordPress needs updating.  Go figure.  Expect down time.  Maybe a lighter / more professional look to the theme as well.  I plan on placing my resume when I’m ready.
  • I’ve setup tomcat on a FreeBSD server in an attempt to demo some of my more polished J2EE webapps built during a recent course taken @ NAIT.   Unfortunately, I’ve lost myself trying to connect tomcat to an exisiting apache setup.  I had not realized the need for a special connector such as mod_jk .    Hopefully it will work soon.

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  1. josh Says:

    Okay, so wordpress has been updated. I like many of the recent changes.
    The tomcat setup is almost ready; I’m adding in as much validation as possible before I finally upload the webapps.

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